Bbl – A Brazilian butt lift is a very popular surgery that with the help of Vaser liposuction allows the fat collected from the body to be transferred to the buttocks area to achieve a fuller and more shaped appearance.

It is recommended to be done under general anaesthesia. However, local anaesthesia is possible if it involves the transfer of a small volume of fat.

It is a short procedure that provides great comfort to the patient.

This enables a round and full look.

The fat transfer has a more natural appearance compared to the implant. Another benefit is a lower risk of infection compared to silicone butt implants.

It may be necessary to wear a corset for some time after the procedure.

To get the full result, a wait of 6 months is recommended. In some situations the procedure needs to be repeated.

Patients should have a Covid-19 PCR test and tomography 2 days before surgery. After the surgery, a period of 5-6 days is required for post-surgery examination. The patient can then return to the routine of life.

After a month the patient can start exercising.

With Brazilian Butt Lift to the perfect shape of your buttock!






In witness that the translation of the above document from Macedonian to English is correct, I do affix my seal and signature.

Dejan Markovikj, a permanent court interpreter from English to Macedonian and vice versa.

Skopje, September 07, 2020


Дека овој превод што го извршив, кој ми беше поднесен на македонски јазик, правилно е преведен на англиски јазик, потврдувам со својот потпис и службен печат.

Дејан Марковиќ, постојан судски преведувач од англиски на македонски јазик и обратно.

Скопје, 07.09.2020 година

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