Breast Augmentatıon Surgery

What is a breast augmentation surgery?

Bresat augmentation using ‘implants’ increas breast fullness, replaces volume & changes the position of breasts for women who have lost this after pregnancies, breast feeding, ageing & weight loss & feel that their upper body is not in proportion to their lower body.

Who is a suitable candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

Those who are unhappy with their breast size and would like to increase this resulting in a boost in both self esteem & confidence.

How long does a breast augmentation last?

We use American FDA certificated implants (Mentor) which includes cohesive jell. You don’t need to change them.

How is breast augmentation procedure performed?

An incision is made usually in the crease under the breast, lifting the breast tissue creating a pocket in the breast area for the implant which may be placed either under the chest muscle or directly under the breast tissue. (A decision made together with the surgeon for best results).

Duration of operation; 1 hour (under general anesthesia).

Hospital stay – 1 night.

What to expect immediately after surgery; Initially your breasts may be taped high on your chest or you will be wearing a surgical bra to support, hold & protect you for the next weeks. Some discomfort & pain may be experienced especially from submuscular augmentation. Your breasts will feel tight, firm & swollen however as swelling reduces the breasts will drop into a more normal shape & position.

How long will it be before i can get back to my normal life?

Some People can leave hospital the same day as surgery although a one night stay is recommended. You can return to work within 1 week if it does not involve physical activity, this should be restricted for upto 3 weeks post surgery & heavy exercise not before 3 months.

Can breast augmentation surgery be performed without scar?

Breast augmenttaion involves an incision & necessitiates a scar however using the crease under the breast leaves minimal scarring which is then hidden under the new breast. These scars are conspicuous initially but after 6 months they will be remarkably improved.

At what age can you have breast augmentation?

Generally it should be left until a girl has stopped growing (FDA approval of silicone implant is for breast augmentation for women aged 22 and over).

Can breast implants look normal?

Yes! With today’s naturally shaped implants, techniques & a choice in size type of implants final results can look perfectly normal.

Breast augmentation is one of the ways to enhance your breasts, it is one of the most popular procedures performed worldwide & can have a big positive effect on both morale & self confidence.


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