Lıp Augmentation

Lip augmentation aesthetic is performed by injecting filling materials or fat tissues extracted by the patient him/herself. The filling materials have to be soft and collapsible. The most natural method without a risk is using of filling materials harvested from the own fat tissue of the body. The inserted filling materials have duration between a couple of months and one year, because most of the material will be absorbed by the body in time. For this reason the injections have to be repeated a second or even a third time after the estimated duration time of the filling material. After these corrections the augmentation will reach the wanted size and will stay permanent.

Application Type:

If the selected method is augmentation with fillers, the lips have to be numbed totally with a local anesthetic followed by a few minutes lasting injections. We have the opportunity to show the result during the injection and discuss the result on site, because the patient is totally conscious.

When the selected method is the injection of fat tissue, the patient has to undergo a short time anesthesia, because of the contact of the material with local anesthetics can shorten the duration of the filling material.


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