Upper Arm Lıft

What is an upper arm lift(Brachioplasty)?

As a person ages, experiences weight shifts or due to genetics upper arm skin can become loose and flabby. Tightening and removal of the excess skin comined with liposuction to remove excess fat will give a more shaplier, firmer and a youthful appearance.

Who is a suitable candidate for arm lift surgery?
Those who have loose, flabby skin and fat that often gives the upper arms the name ‘bingo wings’ and ‘bat wings’. Although exercise will help increase appearance often surgery is the only alternative. Liposuction only will reduce the overall volume of fat but wont remove excess skin. A combination of both will usually give best results.

How long does arm surgery last?
No guarantee can be given by anyone and whilst the results are permenent upper arms will start to sag again with ageing and if weight is lost and gained.

How is the arm lift procedure performed?
The surgical approach depends on the droopiness of skin however usually incisions are made on the inner arm from the elbow to the axilla (armpit).
A short scar version of the lift can be performed with the scar being placed in the armpit, this approach tightens the loose skin but doesn’t remove much, it is only for those with a limited amount of slackness and with good skin tone.

Duration of operation – 1/1,5 hours (under general anesthesia / sedation)

Hospital stay – 1 night.

What should I expect after surgery?
Some surgeons prefer to wrap the arms or use compression garment and the arms should be elevated for a few days, above the heart. It is important to protect and support the area of incision to ensure proper healing. Discomfort and soreness will be experienced during the first days after surgery but this is temporary and will pass during the next weeks.

How long will it be before I can get back to my normal life?
This should not be rushed and will usually take upto a month. A 7-10 night stay is recommended in Turkey following the procedure and most can return to work within 2 weeks if it does not involve physical activity with the arms.

Can arm lift surgery be performed without scar?
Upper arm reduction involves the removal of skin and necessitates the creation of a scar that starts near the elbow to the arm pit. Most scars are conspicuous initially and take upto 12 months to develop completely. The scar may be on the inner arm so that it is not visible when the patient’s arm is by their side or a bit more towards the back of the arm so that it is not visible from the front, especially when the patient is observed from the front while moving the arm.

In many cases an arm lift is performed as part of a body contouring programme and is combined with such procedures as a tummy tuck, thigh lift and breast surgery to create an overall, improved appearance.


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