Breast Implant Turkey

Breast Implant Turkey

 Breast Implant Turkey;The ideal breast size should be so that the breasts are noticeable, but don’t greatly protrude from the body. Breat may not have reached a sufficient size during adolescent development, or may have lost their fullness after pregnanncy. Sometimes, their volume can be lost without sagging due to excessive weight loss. Breast augmentation surgery is the most appropriate solution for these kind of problems.

The purposes of the operation are multifold; the client’s body structure will get to be in its most appealing form, it will help the patient to adapt to changing conditions ( like pregnancy, putting on weight, getting old ) and also the client will be able to lead a healty life.

Breast Implant Surgery

The overall surgery is a simple process where an incision is made and the silicon implant is placed behind the breast tissue; Firstly the incision is made and can be done from three seperate locations; Either at he axillary location ( under the armpits), At he bottom of the nipple ( from the breast skin’s brown and white combination ) or, From the lower fold of the breast.


After the incision is made, the silicon implants are placed. These implants can be placed in three different locations;

Under the mammary tissue, Behind the upper membrane of the muscle’s underlying tissue or, At the back of the muscle tissue beneath the mammary tissue.

Silicon types are varied according to these specifications; The form may be called drop or round. The surface structure may be coarse or smooth. The silicon protrusion may be either evenly splayed, or with the middle protruding forward creating a peak that can be either small or large.


Incision location, silicone type and placement location vary from person to person.

The most accurate method of operation needed and the type of silicon to be used will be advised to you according to your anatomical features ( and taking into account your expectations ) by your doctor.

The surgery isnot recommended for a patient who is in their menses ( menstural ) period.

For 2 weeks before the surgery, the patient should cease the consumption of any blood thinners such as aspirin and green tea.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and it takes about 1,5 – 2 hours.

The most painful part of the operation procedure is the first 12 hours immediately following the operation. However the paitent doesn’t experience this pain as a serum is administered with a special drug mixture which numbs the pain.

A patient needs to stay in the hospital for only one night after the operation.

During the first 1 month after the operation, it’s recommended that the paitent not maker any exaggerated arm movements ( for example, reach,ng h,gh), or sleep on their stomach.


Breast Implant Turkey F.A.Q.

Does the silicon need to be replaced after a while?

No, it is not necessary. New silicon implants last a lifetime.


Do silicon implants cause cancer?

No, they don’t cause canser. Scientific studies have shown that silicon implants have nothing to do with cancer.


Can the silicon implants explode or leak into the surrounding tissue?

Liquid is not used in the new types of silicone implants. With the new implants, the entire implant mate


Are any stitches necessary?

No,there aren’t any stitches used.


Do silicone breast implants interfere with a baby’s breastfeeding?

No,it does not interfere with breastfeeding.


Should silicon be removed during pregnancy?

No,there is no need for it to be removed.





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