Lıposuctıon Aesthetıcs

What is liposuction?
One of the world’s most popular procedures liposuction reduces the overall number of fat cells enabling you to change your body’s contours and flaws. Being more about fat than skin it is an effective way to remove the stubborn fat deposits around the body that are not helped by sport and diet.

Who is a suitable candidate for liposuction?
Those who are moderately overweight can benefit from liposuction which in women can usually be applied to the abdomen, hips, thighs, inner knees, upper arms and back. In men the areas usually treated are the chest/breasts, abdomen and flanks.

How long does liposuction last?
Results are permenent as long as you keep a stable weight. If you gain weight after after liposuction it will show in the areas not treated where the fat cells will continue to expand. Possible from the age of 18 years liposuction offers best results for the young who have elasticity in the skin (There are different procedures that address excess and saggy skin eg tummy tuck that can be performed in combination with liposuction to obtain best results).

How is liposuction procedure performed?
Tiny incisions (3-6mm) are made and a wetting solution infused with a cannula (hollow thin, tube like instrument that traps the fat.) to anaesthetise, reduce bleeding and improve fat extraction. The cannula is inserted under the skin, moved backwards and forwards within the fat pushing it aside whilst protecting the vessels and nerves. Fat is then suctioned out and your body checked for symmetry.

Duration of operation – 1/1.5 hours (under general anesthesia / sedation).

Hospital stay;
Depending on type of anaesthetic and amount of fat removed yhepatient may go home the same day or stay 1 night at the hospital.

Will I wear a support garment after liposuction?
A specially designed surgical, stretch, support garment will be fitted immediately following the procedure and will be worn for between 4-10 weeks. This garment minimalises swelling, improves skin retraction, protects the treated areas and keeps you comfortable.

What shall I expect after surgery?
Expect significant swelling and even a weight gain initially after liposuction. Your face, hands and feet may swell up from the fluids pumped into you during the procedure. Swelling travels downwards so you may expereince puffiness even in untreated areas! Leakage, assymmetry, lumps, surface irregularities discomfort and discolouration will disappear within the first few weeks. A 3-7 night stay in Turkey is recommended after liposuction, swelling can exist upto 6 weeks and final results will be seen between 6-12 months after the procedure.

How long will it be before i can get back to my normal life?
Most patients do not experience a large amount of pain from liposuction & although advised to restrict activities for the first 7 days.

Can liposuction be performed without scar?
Minimal scars for liposction are placed within a natural fold of the body and although visable initially, usually within a 6-12 month period they should be almost invisible.

Can you gain weight after liposuction?
Liposuction removes some of the fat cells, if you gain weight after treatment you may gain weight in other areas.

Does liposuction remove cellulite?
Cellulite is a different type of fat, it lives deep in the septa where the liposuction cannula cannot reach. Liposuction can make your body look smoother but it isn’t a cure for cellulite. In many cases liposuction is performed as part of a body shaping programme performed with additional procedures for maximum benefit, these may include tummy tuck, thigh and arm lift. Results from liposuction vary from person to person and a second session may be necessary for further improvement. It should be understood that liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise and the goal should be improvement, not perfection.


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